Josh Trommel
Langley, BC 778.865.5674""
Maybulb, Backend Developer
Aug. 2015 - Current
Worked on a team to build Nimble, a macOS Wolfram|Alpha® client"
Developed backend with NodeJS, Electron, jQuery, and a multitude of other web
Released a stable application featured on ProductHunt, The Next Web, and
LifeHacker with over 9,000 downloads"
Macinhome, Mobile Consultant
Sept. 2017 - Current
Contracted as an Apple certified consultant"
Provide assistance with multi-platforming networking, web tech, application support"
Help improve customer support through enforced trustworthy ethics"
Digital Media Academy, UBC
July 2013 - July 2015
Learned variables, loops, and conditionals in Java and C#"
Mastered public/private/static data types and visibility"
Practiced objective-oriented programming essentials"
Programmed algorithms and used them for creative problem solving"
Cameron, Full Stack Developer
Developed an automated service to provide you with personalized compliments"
Wrote front-end HTML, CSS, and JS with Skeleton boilerplate"
Built in NodeJS, Express, and Handlebars"
Linkfire, NodeJS Developer
Created a wrapper module for a music streaming intelligent link service"
Built in NodeJS, used Ava for testing