Josh Trommel

Backend Web/Software Developer. Big heart for music and film. Photography on my offdays.


I love programming, man. You can make anything. I used to write Applescript on my family's first iMac when I was 10 (which was a great introduction, btw). Nowadays I mainly work on Express/Node servers and muck around in front end when I have to. I'm also sorta familiar with writing/scripting Ruby + Python (+ Rails, Django, etc)


I'm a huge film nerd– I've been truly passionate about it ever since I joined a Summer film camp in 2009 at my highschool.

I've worked in film long enough to master most video editing apps (Final Cut, After Effects, Premiere), as well as learn to use a camera (plus screenwrite and act every now and then.)

Most of my work was done in grade school (lol) but I'm always looking for projects to work on. Maybe I'll write a script sometime.